Proactive Approach

Receive alerts when data is found compromised online in areas such as the dark web via email and PDF report

Monitor data breaches across data such as your domain, email, username, and password

Reduce incident response times and take action quickly once breach occurs

Demonstrate a holistic proactive approach to loss prevention and education for areas such as cybersecurity certifications and cyber liability insurance


Monitor Data Breaches

Track data such as email addresses, IP addresses and domains across the web including the dark web.

Receive Alerts

Alerts on leaked breaches are sent via email and are also available in a PDF. 

Real World Implications

In conducting incident response to the leaked breaches quickly, it could readily reduce the risk of a more severe breach.

High Value Target (HVT) Monitoring

Monitor team members who have high levels of privileged access to facilitate swift incident response to leaked breaches.

Targeted Repeat Offender Monitoring

Monitor team members who are more vulnerable to facilitate swift incident response to leaked breaches.

Cyber Education & Awareness

Our library of educational resources on security awareness and cybersecurity is growing with access to periodic updates on current events.

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