Exclusive tips to humanly detect potential attacks

As technology becomes more powerful and more advanced, we face greater threats than ever before. Some may argue that with the development, we will be better at facing these problems, credit given heavily to anti-breaching and anti-virus software. Keep in mind that Cybersecurity goes beyond just software/hardware-based protection, and looking at the statistics these days, […]

8 Ways To Keep Your Devices And Data Safe

COVID-19 pandemic forced many employees to be available to their companies remotely. Working from home remotely can be a convenience, but it also puts employees at the risk of cyberattacks. Interpol, the inter-governmental police organization, recently issued a warning that there would be an increase in cybercrimes amidst the rising work-from-home culture. The international agency […]

What is Phishing?

What is Phishing?  Phishing is a common cybercrime against an individual or a company that involves gaining access to sensitive information and using it for cybercriminals. It can also be used to launch large-scale attacks against companies. Phishing attack is the common attack against one individual or the organization. It is a form of “social […]

How Can C-Suite Handle Cyber Risks?

The C-Suite, also referred to as the C-Level, is an organization’s most important senior leadership team. The C-team typically consists of people that are referred to as the “chief” (chief executive officer, chief financial officer, etc.) of the organization. The C in the C-Suite is a reference to these top executives of the organization. The […]

5 Common Types Of Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack used by cybercriminals to access information that is sensitive and private to individuals and organizations. It has been around ever since the advent of the internet and was used to steal credit card and login information. However, the tactics used by cybercriminals have evolved over the years […]

6 Ways to secure yourself online

Did you know 2,200 cyberattacks happen every day? Here are a few wWith the rise of internet usage, security risks have also increased manifold. That is why most businesses invest in cybersecurity measures to protect their systems. Also, the significant uses of mobile devices  or smart devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets increase the […]

Risk in your organisation: R&D

The Research & Development division of an organization is one of its key pillars of success and growth. The Research & Development is the force that works behind a new successful product or service of a company.  They are the first phases of a company’s product development process.  The division role is responsible to analyze […]