The CyberLitmus Approach

We have a holistic approach to security awareness education and strive to support 
the development of a strong security culture for every organisation

Raise Awareness

Our platform creates an environment for your employees to be exposed to phishing emails.

Through our easily accessible educational materials, your team are able to learn about phishing, other cyber attack vectors, and working safely from home effectively.

Drive Behavioral Change

Through highly realistic phishing simulations made from templates or customised on your own, you can equip your team with the knowledge to detect phishing with every email, thus creating human firewalls.

With a robust metrics framework, you can easily track the positive impact made for your team.

Instil A Security Culture

Consistent use of our platform pushes for heighten awareness to many of the cyber attack vectors.

This instils good habits in your team, creating a strong security culture that keeps your team and organization safe.

Build Your Security
Culture With Us