Security Awareness Automated

Work with us to run an effective security awareness programme with minimal time, cost, and expertise!

CyberLitmus Security Awareness Programme

Start your Cyber awareness journey today with us


Highly effective and accurate phishing simulation that mimics realistic attacks

24/7 Breach Monitoring

Timely and accurate monitoring to help reduce your incident response time when leaked breaches are detected

Continual Microlearning

Bite size, mobile-first targeted learning modules to promote behavioural change amongst you and your team

Managed Security Awareness Programme

Help you and your team become highly competent in security awareness - creating human sensors

Security Awareness Is Fundamental

Build your security culture now!
Social engineering such as phishing attacks can disrupt any organisation.


Many times, operational disruption can occur due to breaches and this can cause significant monetary loss


Being competent about Cyber Security elevates your reputation amongst your customers and your peers


Being compliant to the various cyber security requirements is important to build a strong security culture 

Managed Security
Awareness Programme

  • Announcing the commencement of security awareness campaign, including phishing simulation
  • Sending of security awareness content (newsletter/posters/infographics)
  • Sending of security awareness microlearning module and end of phishing simulation
  • Announcing that phishing campaign is over with the statistics of the campaign and the key findings to address
  • Delivery of the monthly report for the campaign

Simulation Engine

  • Safe
  • Highly relevant
  • Customisable
  • Able to run sophisticated and realistic simulations
  • No need for advanced expertise to operate

Continual Microlearning

  • Mobile-first approach
  • Bite-size information for easy learning
  • Browser-based
  • Aligned to Cyber Security requirements
  • Trackable
  • Does not need third party systems and portals
  • Promote behavioural change amongst users

24/7 Breach Monitoring

  • Timely
  • Scan through multiple sources to detect breaches even the dark web
  • Reduce incident response time
  • Demonstrate a holistic proactive approach
  • Detect breaches across data such as your domain, email, username, and password


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