Security Awareness Simplified

Protect your business by creating an ecosystem for phishing identification, real-world simulation, and education to enable quantitative cybersecurity human risk assessment.

Transform Human Risk Into Human Opportunity

85% of data breaches occur as a result of human error. Our platform helps to train your users to detect the most advanced threats quickly and easily through its self-reinforcing capabilities. CyberLitmus deploys real-world phishing simulations to help discover vulnerabilities in your email sender and receiver supply chains. Track, train and target vulnerable users for future simulations and observe the reduction in phishing rates.

Why CyberLitmus?

CyberLitmus is the one-stop solution for security awareness training in your organization. Phishing emails are becoming more widespread and increasingly sophisticated. Our multi-pronged approach is designed to mitigate these challenges.


Learn to identify social engineering attacks across communication platforms.


Simulate real world scenarios with customisable phishing campaigns.


Educate the team and vulnerable team members to identify attacks.

Why protect against phishing?

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of organisations around the world experience phishing attacks
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of social engineering attacks are delivered by email
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of all phished employees go on to enter credentials

Build your human firewall now!

Social engineering such as phishing attacks can disrupt any organisation.


Reputational Loss

Reputation takes years of effort to build but a single breach could jeopardise this. Potentially leading to the loss of existing or new customers.


Data Compromised

Data compromised could be used for further criminal purposes, corruption, and deletion. Data loss can lead to a loss in business and productivity. 


Financial Loss

Money that could be stolen during phishing attacks ranges from thousands to millions of dollars. This might include paying a ransom, loss in customers, and missed opportunities. 


Operational Disruption

A large part of a business’ time has to be spent on trying to recover lost data and investigating the breach. Productivity will also take a hit as many systems are put offline for reconfiguration and cleaning.

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